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Densit Chemically Bonded Ceramic
Fused Cast Basalt
DILLIDUR - Wear resistant steel
Muehlen Sohn Airslide fabrics
High Efficiency Vibrating Machine
Magnetic Separator & Metal Detector
ELTE motor
White Cement


        Wear-Resisting Dept.  


※ Densit Chemically Bonded Ceramic  

■ Casted Bend/Shape
■ Powder
Densit provides wear protection solutions which are especially suited to extreme industrial situations where low maintenance costs and minimum shutdown time are critical to the operation.
Densit wear-resistant linings are especially suitable for protecting processing parts in pneumatic transport and the transport of slurries, and also against wear by bulk solids. Densit wear solutions are mainly installed in these industries:
cement and lime, coal-fired power generation, steel, paper, mineral sands
Material Packing: 25 kgs/bag, 50 bags/pallet

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