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Total Industrial Limited (TIL) was founded by Chairman, Thomas Huang, and Sarita Ou in 1966, then exerted by J. T. Huang, and developed by Joseph Huang. During these four decades, In recent years, Taiwan has created remarkable economic growth and earned good reputation in the world. However, due to the uncertain factors, after the high peak of economic growth, all the trading companies can not help but transform to new business fields and develop new market. Under World Trade Organization (WTO) and advancement of regional economic cooperation, the world has entered a new era of internationalized economy. We strongly believe our following policies and goals would be achieved and TIL’s transformation could be successful. In the meantime, we heartily welcome all prospective business opportunities of either import/export or any type of cooperation no matter it happens in Taiwan or abroad. TIL has witnessed the Asian financial crisis and economic turmoil and recession, and grown up rapidly from time to time, year to year.

Facing the quick and variable change of future, we can not delay in adjusting our steps to cope with contingency by the following business policies:

  1. To increase our representation at home or abroad for more well-known worldwide foreign manufacturers for cement industry, non-ferrous metal and other equipment / single machine manufacturers related to cement and metals.
  2. To extend our business style from agency to import, distribution, engineering, processing and manufacturing.
  3. To seek the cooperation with new foreign manufacturers to promote their products and service in Taiwan or in foreign countries (such as Mainland China).
  4. To strengthen the investment in both trading and manufacturing of high tech products.
  5. to develop Mainland China market aggressively.


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